Signature Facials by Nelly Devyust

Peeling with Plant- Based Keratolysis (75min) $120
This exfoliating treatment based on plant extracts works skin deep. Gentle and effective, this peeling removes the keratin layer (dead cells) and renews your skin, whatever your skin type.

Classic Facial (60 min) $100
Providing freshness and well-being, this treatment helps you discover and experience all the benefits of a facial. Adapted to your skin type, it cleans, moisturizes and revitalizes your skin. A facial massage followed by a mask will restore vitality and radiance to your complexion. This treatment will help your skin adapt to all the seasonal changes.

Oxygenating Facial (75min) $120
Ideal for dull or acne-prone skin, this treatment promotes the oxygenation of the skin using a modern corrective method: the Bul’MaskĀ®. Allowing to quickly purify and oxygenate the skin, this facial will soften and relax your face … for a well rested look!

Purifying Facial (75min) $120
Created for dull, oily or acne-prone skin, this treatment based on seaweed tightens pores and eliminates shine. Invigorating, this facial cleanses and leaves you with healthy glowing skin.

Deep Hydration Facial (75min) $120
Ideal for dry skin, this mineral rich treatment in minerals processing aims for deep hydration and proper cellular function. Feelings of tightness will be gone and the skin will regain its flexibility and freshness.

Teen Facial (60min) $100
Deep cleansing, toning, steam, mask, extractions and a facial massage will take no more than an hour. Our aestheticians appreciate the self-consciousness of the teenager. Consequently, we teach and provide a home maintenance regimen that helps produce
a clearer, healthier skin. Designed to accommodate all skin types.